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So, I was (and after reading this message from a friend on WEbook) still am a writer on WEbook.

This, my dear friends, is news to me!!! I haven’t been on there in – I don’t know how long but apparently, that doesn’t matter. Not according to WEbook’s ‘Terms of use’

Here’s the message I got from Crystalna which is an article actually written about WEbook!!

‘But wait, we’re not done yet. Remember those removal restrictions I mentioned? Prior to the public feedback stage, writers can remove their work from WEbook at will. Once the work has been opened to public feedback, however, and during WEbook’s exclusive option term, removal is not allowed. Writers’ right to removal returns once the option term has expired–but if they do remove the work, they must agree “in perpetuity to pay WEbook 2.5% of all monies received by Member from Member’s sale, license, transfer, or other business transaction of the Content or subsidiary rights in the Content and/or deriving from the Content or subsidiary rights in the Content (including derivative works of the Content).” Essentially, writers must pay WEbook a kill fee if they ever sell an optioned work they removed from the site, or any part, adaptation, or sequel to it.

And we’re still not done. WEbook retains “irrevocable” and “perpetual” archival rights to all content ever posted on the site, optioned or not, and “has no obligation to Member to disclose any aspect of how, where, and when WEbook exercises and employs the Archival License.” So years from now, your work could still be online–but you’ll have no way, other than Internet searching, of finding out where or how.

In my opinion, “rapacious” is not too strong a word for all of these provisions.

Writers using WEbook are not required to open up their work for public feedback. Those who don’t will not have to worry about any of the above except for the archival license. A number of groups do seem to be using WEbook for non-publication-related activity: writing exercises, topic discussions, compiling material just for fun. But the lure of publication is strong, and this is certainly what will draw many of WEbook’s users–and the site is clearly wooing such users by describing itself (as on its opening page) as an “avant-garde book publishing company [that] applies an interactive approach to the process – in every sense of the word – by using the Internet as a platform to connect truly brilliant writers to print publication.”

This has truly, truly PISSED me off!!

I mean, what I write is mine, right?

If I want to remove it – shouldn’t I be allowed to? Now I can’t because I opened my stuff for ‘public review’?

How the FUCK does that work?

What’s mine IS MINE!!!!

You have no right whatsoever to it!!

I am very possessive, OK.

I feel that – what’s min is mine – you have no right to it unless I give it to you!

I don’t mind sharing – not at all. In fact, isn’t that the whole point of blogging, tweeting, twittering, FBing, WEbooking – and whatever the fuck else there is out there that helps you express and expose your feelings and grievances with the rest of the world?

It’s all about sharing! I get it!

But, by God!! If I don’t WANT to share – then I won’t!!

That’s why I love cupcakes so much.

In my books, you can’t share a cupcake.

1 cupcake for 1 person. Period.

I don’t like other people taking my things even if it is only my writing. What am I saying? ‘Only my writing’? OMG! My writing is – good. I like to think so anyway, if you don’t agree, that’s your opinion – another thing that I’m having an issue with these days.

But, I’m not going to open that particular can of worms…


My feeling is: Plagirism should be punishable by death!

As should fine print.