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I love my job! Really I do, but at times, my job sucks!

It sucks because – it takes up so much time from my daily life. I mean, think about it, for a second, ok, you go to work and spend the next 8 hours with people you don’t necessarily like; doing something that (at times) you feel is a waste of goddamn time; for people who (at times) are fucking rude!!


But, such is life. We have rent and utilities, bills and insurance, food and (yeah, this is important) clothes to pay and to buy. You don’t work, you don’t pay. Simple really but – man!!

What I wouldn’t give to be able to take my laptop to the roof of my building (where the communal garden is) and simply sit and watch porn to my heart’s desire!!

Oh, OK! I was just kidding! Seriously, I was kidding! Well…

Yeah, yeah!! I was kidding!

But, just to be able to sit and write, to be able to read and comment on what all my buddies have had to say for the past – I don’t know – three fucking weeks without being rushed!! I miss WEbook, really I do. I miss the interaction. I miss having some time to myself. This partner bullshit isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


Oh, yeah – that’s what I wanted to tell you guys ages ago. I made partner!! Isn’t that cool! It’s what I’ve wanted since I started working here at the ‘firm’. It’s what I strove for, what I wanted. Now, however, it’s such a drag! I have to ‘dress the part’ which is boring, I have to sit in on all the meetings that take place when we think of hiring or firing someone, I have to give that jackass in my ex-rival department work orders to execute and he looks at me with an expression of, ‘What if I don’t want to? What are you going to do then?’ look on his face.

That last little bit was sorted easily when I got him alone in the men’s bathroom (I was pissed, OK) and told him to either man up and take the work orders I give him and actually execute them with the due diligence that they deserve, or he could go and clean out his desk and fuck off.

Ahhh, I love the power!!

I’m just kidding! No, wait – I really do love the power! HAHAHA!!!!

I won’t abuse it though!! I’ve worked too long and too hard to have it taken from me because I went on some damn ego trip!!


OK, so, I’ve been lax in my posting and in my commenting and in my reading and in life in general! I haven’t been to the movies since – I don’t know when, I haven’t gone out to dinner in weeks and my love life is well – NON – FUCKING  EXISTENT!!!

I do have a few silver linings in my cloud build-up:

1. A darling friend of mine could quite possibly be coming to stay with me for a while for New Year. If not, well… OK. But, it is something to possibly look forward to!! I already have so much planned that we could do! I was even looking at kilts on display in a window the other day… Need I say more?

2. Another dear friend of mine, Harry, has invited me to go to Boston with him for this weekend!! He thinks I need a break and I think he just wants some company! We’ll be attending a concert of sorts on Friday and spend Saturday walking around, Sunday doing I don’t know what before we drive back on Monday morning!! Wow, that reminds me – I have to start packing!!

3. I’m thinking of buying an apartment; a two storey, four bedroom, two and a half bath, walk in closets, open-plan kitchen-dining- lounge room, study and pantry apartment because – well, I’ve been thinking about adding to the family. Adoption has come up but I was thinking more along the lines of ‘sperm donors anonymous’.


Oh well. So that’s what I look forward to.

Gotta go again, will post again soon!!



The Dress Code E-mail…

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Fashion, Work & Stuff

Remember me bragging (yes, I confess, I was bragging) about how I wear what I want to work? In fact, as I recall, it was just yesterday that I said I wear jeggings, a cowl-neck tunic and my Jimmy Choo’s to work.

I spoke too soon about my attire.

Following is part of an email that was sent around to all at work.

It breaks my heart!!


‘Attention All Employees’

It has been brought to our attention recently that a certain number of you are dressing inappropriately for the professional environment in which we work. We have received complaints from your fellow workers’    (No need to ask who those jealous bitches are!)    ‘who feel that, given the high quality services we provide to our clients, it is apparent that in recent months, the dress code that we originally asked all of you to comply with, has been ignored and the effect of which could be detremental to the firm.

We are therefore once again emailing the dress code to all so that, in future, there can be no more lapses.’  

  (Can I just add that I think this is total bullshit. OK, I confess, I might have overdone it with the miniskirt. And the jumpsuit. And I won’t mention the fishnet stockings. Or the lace shirt.)

OK, OK, OK!!!!


So I’m guilty as hell and that email might as well simply have been addressed:

Attention Andalib Marks

What followed was, as promised, the dress code. I shall be paraphrasing, highlighting those items that are of significance to me.)

  • Shirts: Sheer shirts; lace shirts; shirts that are exceptionally low cut showing too much clevage; tight, figure hugging shirts; ‘tank tops’; ‘boob-tubes’ (OMG!!! Like I actually own one of those!) and ‘spagetti string’ shirts are unacceptable.
  • Skirts: Skirts should, at all times, be no shorter than knee-length. Skirts should also not be skin-tight.
  • Pants: Jeans are not acceptable. (!?!?!? I can’t breathe!!) Shorts are considered completely inappropriate.
  • Pantyhose: (And I KNOW that this one was written specifically for me) Fishnet stockings are strictly forbidden.
  • Dresses: Tight-fitting, low cut, open back dresses are unacceptable. Spagetti string sundresses, tunic dresses and sheer fabric dresses are considered inappropriate to our working environment.
  • Footwear: ‘Flip-Flops’; sneakers and shoes with heels higher than three inches are unacceptable.





OMG!!!! I can’t breathe!!

This is just – TORTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t express the horror that I feel. The wind has been knocked out of me.



Actually, if you think about it, I can really rock any damn thing that I decide to wear. I notice nothing was said about maxidresses, or thigh high boots, or crocheted dresses.





Time Utilisation…

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Fashion, Work & Stuff

I don’t like being told what to do.


Not in any way. It’s ingrained within me to – go against what society states we should do. Why follow in others footsteps along the beach when I can be the first to leave my imprints in the sand? That’s just the way I see things.

Now, I work damn hard. I have to, otherwise I get looked at funnily because ‘she’s up for partner but look at how little she works’.

Man, fuck you!

I work hard – and it shows. None of my clients’ paperwork is behind, my irrecoverable debts are very low (unlike *******’s in my rival department’s) and – you won’t hear ONE of my clients complaining to my boss about me.

Not fucking ONE of them! OK!

Well, they might have something to say about my choice of clothing but I am not about to change the way I dress just to suit you. No way! I love my Jimmy Choo’s 


and if I want to wear them with a pair of jeggings (that’s a cross between a pair of jeans and leggings) and a cowl neck tunic, I fucking well will. This little nightingale is going to show off her toned arms and ass. I worked hard on them! Why hide them under layers and layers of fabric?

Anyway, so I work hard. Now, when someone catches me on WordPress, reading blogs and replying to them at the one time of the day that I do go on here (also, for the first time in nearly six months, may I remind you!!) don’t get cocky and tell me that I should ‘learn to utilise my time wisely’.

Utilise my time wisely?! Excuse me!

This from a man who goes hunting in his spare time. A guy that surfs the web looking for the perfect spot to kill another defenseless animal. Big fucking man, you are. Such a brave soul.

Ignorant fuck.

Watch what you say to this little tree hugger. You’re likely to wind up with one of my Jimmy Choo’s in your ass.