The Blue Hawaiian: In Memory of Elvis

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Food & Recipes, Musings

Today, 34 years ago, the world lost one of the most talented musicians. Yes, I realize that the point is an arguable one but suffice to say, Elvis died 34 years ago and the world was left colder and less bright for it. The manner in which he died is tragic and should be a lesson to all.

Drugs will kill you!!

No matter if they are prescription drugs or illegal ones. Drugs are bad! Kay?

Alright, now, I know. How many of you thought I was an Elvis fan? Then again, growing up with parents who went to some (yes, more than one) of his performances, it’s easy to understand that I listened to his music frequently. His songs changed the world. He made it cool to shake your hips and rock ‘n roll! The man was a genius!



The clip above is of the actual footage shot of ‘The Milton Berle Show’ on 5 June 1956. The sound is a little poor and the image a little grainy but I wanted you guys to see the moves that got him banned on the TV from the waist down!! So hilarious! And also so tragic. A little hip wriggling in 1956 was considered ‘dangerous’ and ‘scandalous’.

Compared to the music videos of today, THAT is absolutely nothing to worry about. Lady Gaga, anyone? Not to mention a bevy of other artists (young and not so young) that prance around in outfits even I wouldn’t be caught dead in!! And I own a few pairs of fish net stockings, ass cinchers, Daisy Dukes and other leather and lace get ups.

Do you guys think Elvis’ hip wriggling was the beginning of the downward spiral of elegance and class, of innocence lost and the finding of raunchy sexuality? Or was it simply the next step in our evolution?

Think about it, skirts that hung onto the floor gave way to skirts hanging on the ankles which gave way to shin length which led to below the knee, then above the knee which was followed by the tight-fitting thigh hugger which was followed by the mini dress who’s illegitimate daughter is the ass cincher (the dress that covers the ass and nothing more – BARELY!!)

Was Elvis’ vision to inspire kids to partake in unprotected, bed hopping, lover exchanging sex; debilitating, liberating (?) drugs and free for all alcohol? Or was his music movement just the tip of the iceberg which was seen by all (and ignored by all) that led to the sinking of the youth’s ‘Titanic’?

I don’t know. I think the ‘older’ generation was wary of him and his hip wriggling performances because they knew that it could lead to changes in the youth of the 1950’s perception of ‘life as it ought to be’. They saw the dangers of this new movement of Rock ‘n Roll but, just as the youth of today rebels against anything and anyone older than 25, they too rebelled. In fact, they were some of the first!

Should we be grateful for that? Or should we be ashamed? Look at the world around us, is it ‘their’ fault? Or is it the lax attitude taken by so many after those first few years of rebelliousness to blame?

Better yet, are WE (as younger generations) even more to blame because we feel ‘entitled’ to freedom, rebelliousness – rights?

I know for a fact that I take these things for granted. I feel that ‘I have earned the right‘ to be able to say fuck you if I even think that my rights of free speech, free thinking and free fucking are being stepped on by others.

So much pondering and musing on my behalf today.


So, after all that, the following recipe is called ‘The Blue Hawaiian’ for all those feeling lonely out there or looking for a good party! With these babies, it’s all good!

Hope you enjoy them!

The Blue Hawaiian


 2 fluid ounces pineapple juice

 1 fluid ounce blue curacao

 1 1/2 fluid ounces coconut-flavored rum

 2 oz. tonic water (for those that like it less ‘potent’!!)


1. Pour the pineapple juice, curacao, tonic water and rum into a cocktail shaker over ice.

2. Cover, and shake until the outside of the shaker has frosted.

3. Strain into a chilled martini glass to serve.


Sit back and relax on a hot (very hot) summer evening with these refreshing cocktails and some Elvis tunes.

I guarantee you’ll feel better and have a blast!


R.I.P. Elvis – The King of Rock ‘n Roll.



  1. MrBillyD says:

    Don’t blame it all on Elvis!

  2. nrhatch says:

    Shaking up the status quo is a good thing . . . unless everything is already perfect. We will not “fail” until we stop trying.

    Shake, rattle, and roll!
    Love the recipe.

    Thanks for an inspirational post and the link up!

    No rules. Just write! 😀

  3. I always know how long the “King” has been dead because he died six days after our first child was born. I think I wrote it in his Baby Book, but I’m not sure.

    I loved the part in the movie “Forrest Gump” when young Forrest teaches Elvis how to shake his hips. The whole uproar seemed silly to me at the time! What was the big deal with somebody shaking their booty? It seems humans have always been afraid of their bodies – sometimes rightfully so – but worse than that – embarrassed about what we are capable. Ashamed, I think, because we know that we are prone to do whatever we know, whether we should or not. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should. So, I think that especially in the past, the “adults” of the era felt that suppressing such behavior was a cautionary measure.

    I was never a huge fan of Elvis when I was a kid. Part of it was because I was too young to be into that sort of thing when he was at his best. I was at the perfect age when the Beatles came along, so they are still at the top of my list. Elvis was OK, but not “all that” to me. I just found it so sad as he aged that he just got so dissolute. He seemed to have lost touch with who he was, and he allowed other people to take control over himself.

    When I come to NYC you can make me a Blue Hawaiian – you can make me more than one!

    • andalibmarks says:

      Exactly Paula
      What is the big uproar about shaking your ass? Not much. In 1950’s however, it WAS a big deal because – it wasn’t done.
      Pfft! Like I was there!!!
      Anyway, The Beatles also rocked – maybe I should do something about them too…

      As for The Blue Hawaiian – you are more than welcome to park your bootilicious backside on my couch and we’ll share a pitcher full – while listening to the King…


  4. MrBillyD says:

    What I should have said earlier was that the “Youthful Rebellion” did not begin in the ’50s or the 60s. It actually started when Adam and Eve defiantly ate the forbidden fruit. The only difference between them and us, is that we now have a much greater variety of fruit to choose from.

  5. A post on rock and roll and a drink mix. . . great way to greet a first timer to the blog!

    • andalibmarks says:

      Welcome to the blogging world!
      Wait, am I the new blogger or are you?
      Either way – welcome to you and welcome back to me!!
      I love those Blue Hawaiians, they are very delicious!
      And Elvis is still the King!

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